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About the RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore Theory Course

This is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology. 

The RYA Yachtmaster qualification is the gold standard of skipper training and is highly respected worldwide. Anyone seeking to become an RYA Coastal Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper, or RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Skipper, is required to have broad theoretical knowledge and a high level of practical skill.

With a strong emphasis on passage making, this e-learning course will build upon your existing knowledge and experience to prepare you for longer passages at sea. You will be trained to take a ‘Yachtmaster’ approach to planning and implementation on your boating adventures.

To study this course you need the knowledge attained from the Day Skipper Theory Course or have an experienced background in cruising or offshore racing. This course is not suitable for beginners – it is aimed at candidates wishing to navigate coastal and offshore passages.

The structure of learning has been developed with decades of experience delivering Yachtmaster tuition worldwide. You will learn how to apply a high standard of seamanship and navigation skills whenever you go to sea, whether that is on board a sailing yacht or motor cruiser.

Course Topics

“What will I learn in this advance navigation and meteorology course?”

Navigation – master your skills to navigate using electronic charting, paper charts, routing software, and instruments you will find on vessels, ranging from traditional cruisers to top-level racing boats!


Weather and Meteorology – learn in detail, where weather forecasts come from so you can confidently compare weather predictions and models. Be prepared to make the best possible passage planning decisions for your boat and crew.


Tides and Currents – learn how to properly interpret tides and currents anywhere using an abundance of tide forecast information. As a Yachtmaster, you will be required to locate and interpret local information in locations around the world.


Collision Avoidance – professional and recreational skippers need to know the rules of the road! This course will guide you through a clear and logical method to learn the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCS).


Pilotage – develop your confidence in the use of pilotage charts, chart plotters, pilotage books, maps,and other modern tools available to navigators. You will learn how to explore and navigate new locations in daylight and darkness.


Voyage planning – Unravel the complexities of multi-day and international passages with guidance on course laying, customs procedures, weather routing, long-range communications, and much more. Passage planning lessons comprise practical examples and considerations to prepare you for skippering complex passages.

Course Information

eLearning Structure

This e-learning course has been developed by Above & Beyond Boating. The course content covers the RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore Syllabus.

There are 12-course units, comprising of lessons and activities. Lessons are structured with dynamic content and quiz exercises, which provide immediate feedback, to test your knowledge. On completion of the course units, you will be required to complete some online assessments to receive your certificate.

The RYA course framework has been used with Australian and International scenario-based case studies to ensure you finish the course with the confidence to undertake coastal passages.

Previous Experience

The RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore course build upon the navigation, meteorology, and passage making that is delivered in the RYA Day Skipper Theory Course. This RYA training course will introduce new topics and develop a deeper understanding of familiar topics. All units of this course have assumed prior knowledge of the RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course.


Once you have completed the twelve units of study, there are three assessment papers to complete in the online course. There is a Chartwork assessment, IRPCS assessment, and a Passage Making assessment.

When you have submitted an assessment attempt, it will be marked by a course instructor, and you will be provided with feedback. If you do not pass your assessment on your first attempt, we will provide feedback to help you prepare for another attempt. You can re-sit an exam again when you are ready.

Formal exam invigilation is required if you intend to gain an MCA large yacht qualification, such as the Officer of the Watch or Master 3000. Should you require a formal exam, we can assist with finding an RYA Training Centre in Australia, or internationally, to invigilate.

Supporting Materials

“What’s included in the course?”

Navigation Training Materials
Sent via express post within Australia and by registered airmail for international addresses*
RYA Day Yachtmaster Shorebased Course Notes
Your essential reference book! It includes enhanced sections on weather, navigation, pilotage, voyage planning, and special situations when afloat.
RYA Training Charts & Training Almanac
These resources have been developed to give you exposure to the skippering challenges you could encounter anywhere your qualification could take you. You will experience changes in buoyage systems, time zones, extreme tidal flows, navigate under bridges and over sand bars.
Navigator’s Tools
2B pencil & eraser so that you’re equipped for your next adventure and beyond.
Personal Online Course User Account
Your account has a grade book and unlimited opportunity to return to lessons and reinforce your learning, even after you have completed a unit or passed the final assessments.
*You do not need to wait for the supporting materials to arrive before starting the course. You will receive your course access within a couple of minutes of enrolling. 

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    Above & Beyond Boating began in 2011, and we are passionate and dedicated to making sure you achieve your boating dreams. The founding principal of the business and all of our e-learning courses is to ensure that you use your boat as often and safely as possible.

    The courses and packages we have created and deliver to the boating community enable you to choose your pathway. You can use our courses to develop your skills and enjoy world-class coaching to implement on your boat. We are the world leaders for bringing e-learning to your home, office and boat.

    The founder, Neil Driscoll, is qualified as a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor for power and sail, Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) Remote Assessor for radio licensing, and Australian Sailing (AS) Sea Survival Instructor and safety equipment auditor. Neil has extensive teaching and skippering experience including Atlantic Crossings, Category 1 Yacht Races, and has managed vessels around the world.

    We started as a practical and classroom training company and have been specialising in online courses since 2015. This practical experience of delivering courses in person and on the water for 20 years, before building our first online course, comes through at every stage of the learning experience. Our courses have international recognition by governing bodies, licensing authorities and insurance companies. Our online learning courses are the industry favourites, due to the customer experience, competitive pricing, incredible completion rates (the industry average is 30%, we operate on 99%) and delivering professional, clear, effective training in a convenient, structured and effective way.

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$595.00 Inc. GST

$595.00 Inc. GST

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